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Key Stage 4 and 5: Business Studies Marketing

Develop an authentic understanding of Cadbury’s diverse marketing strategy with an educational talk at Cadbury World, designed to meet KS4 and KS5 Business Studies Marketing learning objectives.
What to expect from a Marketing talk
Bring your topic to life with our interactive curriculum-linked talk, presented in our themed education rooms by our dedicated team.
Take a detailed look at the marketing mix with a real-life insight into how Cadbury use the 4P’s. Discuss historical Cadbury products that have moved through their product life cycle and the different extension strategies used.
In this talk students will look at a variety of Cadbury’s products, their competitors and their advertising campaigns, including the increasing importance of social media marketing and the power of social media as a marketing tool.
Gain an understanding of marketing planning tools such as primary and secondary along with qualitative and quantitative market research. We also show examples of how SWOT and PESTLE analyses are utilised by Cadbury with this curriculum-linked talk.
This learning outside the classroom experience shares with students the touch points that they could have with Cadbury in their day-to-day life and the rationale behind using these channels.
Curriculum Links
Secondary Curriculum - GCSE Business Studies subjects: Marketing / Communications. Students will gain an understanding of how Cadbury utilise marketing frameworks to inform their diverse marketing strategy over many different communication channels to different demographics.

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