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Key Stage 3, 4 & 5

Educational Sessions
Expand your class' knowledge by complementing your visit with a one hour curriculum-linked educational session, presented in our themed education rooms. Available to groups of 25 or more students and specifically designed for KS3, 4 & 5. If you would like a specific topic covered, please contact the education team via email at

KS3 Design & Technology Workshop

BRAND NEW KS3 & 4 Marketing Workshop + Extended Resource Package

KS3 & 4 Design and Food Technology talk

KS3 & 4 Geography talk

KS4 & 5 Marketing

KS4 Science talk

KS3 History talk

KS4 History talk

KS4 iMedia talk

KS4 & 5 Investigating Busines talk

KS4 Leisure and Tourism Customer Service and Marketing talk

KS5 Philosophy and Ethics talk