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With over 25 years' experience and more than 2,000 school groups attending each year, Cadbury World offers a unique experience that gives fascinating insight into the rich heritage of the nation's favourite chocolate brand.
A variety of zones showcase our history, chocolate making, and now include the 4D Chocolate Adventure cinema experience. Through the self-guided Cadbury World attraction, your pupils will...
Discover the origins of the cocoa bean amidst trees and waterfalls in the Aztec Jungle.
Learn the history behind the creation of the Cadbury factory and Bournville village by the Cadbury brothers.
Explore how Cadbury manufacture popular products and 100 years of innovative advertising and packaging design.
Watch our chocolatiers work their magic as they reveal the ingredients and making of chocolate.
Enjoy the magical Cadabra ride and an adventurous journey in our 4D cinema experience!
Interactive Topic Talks
Expand your class' knowledge with a one hour curriculum-linked educational talk to complement your self-guided tour, featuring interactive and engaging examples to support your topics, presented in our themed education rooms. Talks are available to groups of 25-110 students and have been specifically designed for KS1 & 2 so you can mix and match topics or cover specific points. Scroll down to discover even more information about each fascinating topic.
Bean to Bar - Discover the origins of the cocoa tree and sourcing of beans from Ghana, and see real Ghanaian cocoa pods. Discuss chocolate making processes used today and then have the chance to dress up as a factory worker. Explore the advertising of iconic Cadbury brands and see real chocolate factory moulds. *Supports the IPC chocolate topic.
The Maya (Ancient Mayan Civilization) - Uncover the wonders of the great city of Chichen Itza and discover Mayan myths and legends that claimed how humans were created. Understand their fascinating counting system with our replica Mayan codex and see real Ghanaian cocoa pods, and have the chance to dress as a Mayan!
Aztecs - Discover the rise and fall of Emperor Montezuma and find out the value of exotic bird feathers over Aztec gold. See real Ghanaian cocoa pods and have the chance to dress up as Emperor Montezuma himself!
Design & Technology - Identify target markets and discuss Unique Selling Points (USPs) of 'A Glass and a Half Full Productions'. Discover functions of packaging materials used to design and make products. See real chocolate moulds from the Cadbury factory and explore Cadbury wrappers, displays and packaging.
Victorians - Discuss Richard and George Cadbury as model Victorian employers. Compare and contrast a view of inner city Victorian Birmingham to that of Bournville.
Rainforests -Discover the flora, fauna and creatures of the Ghana rainforests. Does the largest land snail and scorpion live in the forest floor?
Building a Village: Settlements - Compare and contrast village life in Bournville, UK and Adjeikrom, Ghana. Explore village life and history of our home and host village, and their services and amenities.
Chocolate Through The Ages - Discover how ancient civilisations of the Olmecs and Maya Indians first cultivated the cocoa tree, and how the Aztecs enjoyed xocolatl. Learn how Christopher Columbus introduced Europe to the cocoa bean and how Hernan Cortes defeated the Aztecs in 1528. Explore chocolate advertising in 1657 and where John Cadbury opened his first shop in 1824.

Booking and Risk assessment
To book your educational visit and for more information about our resources and facilities, or to arrange a preview visit to carry out your risk assessment, please call 0844 880 7667* or email to speak to our dedicated Education team. For the comfort and safety of wheelchair users we recommend that you notify the reservations office of the number of wheelchairs expected in your group, and seek advice on avoiding busy times.
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*Calls cost 7p per minute plus your telephone company’s network access charge.
Available for pre-order - £4.99, gift bag content may vary.

Items must be ordered at least two weeks before the visit. The payment can be made in advance or on the day. Please call the Cadbury World Shop on 0121 451 4632 to order your school gift bags.

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