Cadbury World: Poetry

Poetry, Key Stage 2: English

Bring your poetry topic to life with our interactive curriculum-linked workshop, presented in our themed education rooms by our dedicated team.
What to expect from our Poetry Workshop
The pupils will get the chance to develop their knowledge by writing their very own poem about a chocolate making machine. We will explore different forms of poetry and get the pupils to pick their favorite.
We will show them chocolate making videos and explain the chocolate making process to help inspire them to create some choctastic poems.
Pupils have the chance to present and reflect on their design with the opportunity to assess their peers' ideas.
Watch exclusive video footage from inside the factory giving students an insight into how Cadbury creatively make chocolate bars in different shapes and sizes, such as Creme Eggs.
Curriculum Links
Primary Curriculum - Key Stage 2 English: Pupils will have the opportunity to use their imagination and create a poem in small groups; critiquing and evaluating peers' poetry presentations. It will also develop their understanding and enjoyment of poetry by getting them to prepare and perform poetry.

Due to the interactive nature of this workshop a maximum of 60 pupils is required.

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